Before anything else, know that we work with 1 form of sale in our website, when you access a product you will see:

Availability: In Stock

When the product is in stock, it means that we have it in our store and it will be sent within the store´s delivery time (7 to 10 days after confirming payment).

All of our products are original and of well-know brands in the market.


We work with PAYPAL and account debit payment.



 First Class Mail Shipping

Simple shipping is the cheapest way, however it doesn´t possess detailed tracking and the delivery time may vary in average, 20 to 60 business days.

Besides that, the maximum weight limit is 4 pounds. We can only trigger this kind of shipping´s insurance 5 months after the shipping date.

 Priority Mail Shipping

 Priority Mail dispatch possesses complete and safe tracking. The delivery time estimate is of 14 business days.

Priority Mail Express International (SEM) Shipping

 Express shipping possesses complete and safe tracking. The delivery time estimate is of 5 to 10 business days.

Delivery Time Observations

– Some products can be sent from 15 to 20 business days after confirming your payment.

Have in mind that for us to be able to keep lower prices, it is necessary a longer delivery time for us to have time to buy in even bigger amounts along with the american manufacturers, putting your order together with other clients´ orders.


In all of the remittances, you will receive posting information. Simple shipping does not possess detailed tracking, as it only indicates posting date, and in some cases, the arrival date of the product in the customer´s city.

You can choose the express shipping and have complete tracking for your order.

Attention: the delivery time is not guaranteed, as it depends on post offices and customs of two countries.

Check well your address, our website prints out the price tags and invoices according to what was filled out. In case a product returns due to an address mistake, you will be charged with all expenses to re-send it to you.