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About US
  • We are a company hosted in United States of America, and our mission is to bring high quality products, the best brands available in the Market at more affordable prices.
  • Before anything else, know how we work and how the sales function in our website. When you access a product you will see:

Availability: In Stock

  • When the product is in stock, it means that we have it in our store and it will be sent within the store´s delivery time (7 to 10 days after the payment is confirmed.)
  • All of our products are original and of the best brands in the world.
Privacy and Security
  • In our website you buy with complete tranquility, we work with PAYPAL and therefore, we can ensure total safety for your online shopping.
  • All of the information that travels between your computer and our website are encrypted, using the most modern technology possible. As soon as we receive your data, we quickly transfer it to PayPal´s central, through a secure transmitting system. This procedure doesn´t allow access to your personal information and credit card data to third parties.
  • All of this is done so you can have even more confort and tranquility buying in our website.
  • We have a huge esteem for our users´ individuality and privacy, having the maximum respect possible for the confidentiality of their information that are obtained in our website.
  • Our commitment is to maintain in absolute confidentiality all and any of the information of our users, obtained through our website, respecting all of the exceptions provided in this policy.
Use of Information
  • The information provided by you will be maintained in secrecy and will only be used to quicken your client relation to our store. Among other things, we seek to help you find all of the information you need as quickly as possible in our website and let you know about product updates, special offers and new store services.
  • All of the information considered confidential, to the effect of this policy, will be exclusively used by us, having as an objective the improvement of our relationship with you.
  • Personal and individual information won´t be sold or passed on to third parties by our store under any circumstance.
  • We work with PAYPAL and debit account.



First Class Mail Shipping
  • Simple dispatch is the cheapest option, but doesn´t possess detailed tracking and the delivery time may take around 20 to 60 business days. Besides, the maximum weight limit is 4 pounds.
Priority Mail Shipping
  • Priority Mail dispatch possesses complete and safe tracking. The delivery time estimate is of 14 business days.
Priority Mail Express International (SEM) Shipping
  • Express shipping possesses complete and safe tracking. The delivery time estimate is of 5 to 10 business days.
Shipping Time Observations

– The products will be sent within … business days after we confirm your payment.


  • Our products have a 1-year gold-plated guarantee, not being able to use chemical products that may damage it.. as clorox, soap, etc.
  • For us to be able to exchange the product due to a fault, it must return to us with the guarantee tag and seal which it was sent with.
Can I cancel my purchase?
  • Yes, but only if the product has not yet been posted in the mail.
  • Do not start a dispute or a claim, our cancellation system is simple and easy, if we don´t buy/send, you can cancel the purchase at any time. If you start a dispute or a claim you will be banned from the website. Disputes are used to inform that the clerk is a swindler, and that you were robbed by him or her. If you want to cancel your purchase, you only need to request the cancellation without starting disputes. Disputes harm the clerks´ accounts too much.


*Paypal allows money returns within 30 days after purchasing. If you cancel after this deadline, 3.9% will be discounted.

To finish and to buy in our website you must check that you have read our terms and accepted them. So read and agree.